Inspired by my favorite book "The Alchemist", this design is an ode to discovery & change. Alchemy is associated w/ the magical process of transformation, often into gold. The 3 center beads represent past, present & future. The green band, which through wear & tear turns gold (seen in the 3rd picture), is a reminder to look beyond to uncover life's treasures. The "M" serves as a reminder of the book's central theme,
Maktub- "it is written."

This design is a part of my metallic line. Why metal? Through time metal changes color, scratches & fades, but in every incarnation lies beauty, like people. 11 beads on each side representing the power number of change and "NEW BEGINNINGS" 11:11. Finished off with a black bead and light colored wood bead to represent light & dark. You can't have one without the other. It holds it all together!

alchemy 1.0

  • All bracelets are made to order. No returns or refunds unless recieved damaged.

  • Comes in 3 sizes:

    Small- approx 7 inches
    Medium- approx 7.5 inches 
    Large- approx 8 inches

    Note which size you would would like upon purchase.

    *Medium and Large sizes come with an adjusted string design. This is used to adjust size without losing desired bead spacing. Scroll to the last picture to see an example of a medium & large adjustment